Can you see it?

Can you see it?

What has he done?  How did he get there? I bet he’s a drug addict. I bet he is addicted to heroine or meth.  He deserves it.  If anyone gives him money, he’ll go spend it on more drugs. More alcohol.  More numbness.

But can you see it?

He’s dirty.  Unclean.  Not worth it…. …and that’s just on the outside.  All that from looking at a picture and only a picture.  I’ve never met him.  Never exchanged words of kindness, or words of hate.  I’ve only judged him the way that I see him.  By MY standards.  He can’t hear my thoughts.  He’ll never know that I think this way about him.  No harm, no foul.  The funny thing is…there is harm in this.  What I’ve just done.  I’ll suffer from it.  Thinking this way will actually hurt me in the end.  Because it isn’t the way that Jesus sees this man.  I’ve sinned.  If I think this way..I probably won’t reach out to him.  People become obejcts..they become mess-ups with this kind of thinking.  Not people.  God says to love people.

Jesus sees people differently.  With GOD’s standards.  Not ours.  Not on our own understanding.  On his.  This man is beautiful.  This man is lost.  He is hurt.  He needs help.  “I wish someone would help him.  I told people to help him.  People that I love.  People that love me.  I’ve got one eye on him…and one eye on them.  Won’t someone reach out?  He deserves everything.  I died for him.  I’m waiting for him to return to me. Because I love him.  I see: My son.  My baby.  My boy.  Mine.  Beloved. Beautiful. Precious. Mine. MINE. worth it.  Worth dying for.”

Do you see it?  God does.

Maybe we should look at people.  See their emotions.  See their hurt.  What they are..what they do..what they’ve done..where they’ve been. It doesn’t matter.  They are God’s people.  Whether they know it or not.


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